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Rollei Selfie Stick / Smartphone Overhead Tripod, 05.02.2018

Rollei Selfie Stick / Smartphone Overhead Tripod, 05.02.2018

Rollei Selfie Stick 3.0
Anyone who wants to take scans, needs a stable, flexible selfie stick, which can also carry the current models of the Smartphone manufacturers reliably and which can be easily operated even under difficult conditions. The Rollei Selfie Stick 3.0 is made from high-quality aluminium and sturdy plastic, can be extended up to a length of 700 mm (this corresponds to the most popular “Scan distance“ and also facilitates the recording of videos from a suitable perspective) and is fully compatible with iOS version 7.0 and above and with Android version 4.2.2 and above. Sturdy hardware – functional software
You control your Smartphone on the Rollei Selfie Stick 3.0 completely comfortably with the wireless Bluetooth remote control device, which is integrated into the selfie stick. You don’t have to use your camera’s display to zoom in and out, to change the tilt angle of your Smartphone or to switch between the photo and video functions. The automatic face recognition and tracking feature makes spectacular photographs possible even when you are in motion.  In standby mode, the fully charged rechargeable battery lasts for an impressive 100 hours and you can fully charge the 900mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery again with the USB cable provided. The firmly integrated Smartphone holder securely accommodates all models with a housing width of 8 cm and prevents your valuable device from falling out even in the event of clumsy movements.

Width    35 cm
Height   20 cm
Depth    4,4 cm
Weight  160 g

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Rollei Selfie Stick / Smartphone Overhead Tripod, 05.02.2018

Rollei Selfie Stick / Smartphone Overhead Tripod, 05.02.2018

Selfie Stick, Monopod mit Bluetooth Auslöser
Der Selfie Stick ist nichts anderes als ein Handstativ/Monopod mit einer Smartphone-Fernbedienung. Einfach die App auf dem Smartphone installieren, den Selfie Stick via Bluetooth verbinden und sofort loslegen. Für den perfekten Abstand kann man den Selfie Stick von 30,5 cm auf 94,5 cm ausziehen. Die gängigen Smartphones sitzen stabil in der Halterung bis zu einer Breite von 8,5 cm. Einmal aufgeladen hält der Selfie Stick im Standby bis zu 100 Stunden!

Der Rollei Selfie Stick ist mit einem ganz normalen 1/4 Zoll Gewinde ausgestattet. So lassen sich auch Kameras bis 500 Gramm befestigen.

Mit dem Rollei Selfie Stick gelingen außergewöhnliche Scans, die sich von der breiten Masse abheben.  Material: Aluminium

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